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3 IG Accounts that make us Dream

With the arrival of social media in our lives, we spend some time a day chatting between accounts. A sequence of beautiful images, landscapes, sunsets, products, faces that consciously or unconsciously inspire us in our creative process. Here are 3 of our favorite accounts.

@emiliopucci Italian fashion designer. Emilio Pucci was of noble origins with a cosmopolitan spirit. He had managed to embody the image of Italian glamor by driving foreigners crazy. Colored and kaleidoscopic geometries characterized all its graphics.

@lindrothdesign Mrs. Amanda Lindroth is an interior designer, Bahamas-based. She started a full-service interior design company for an airy, relaxed, indoor-outdoor life for islanders and non-islanders. And if you have some time, we recommend you to take a look at her website: amandalindroth.com

@lavitaclassica We like this account because the warm and soft colors of the images take us back in time, with a little "nostalgia". Everything evokes the years of the "DolceVita".